Rory McIlroy Win Pays off Ten-Year-Old Bet for His Daddy

Rory McIlroy Win Pays off Ten-Year-Old Bet for His Daddy

Rory McIlroy’s British Open win paid off a big bet for his father.

Rory McIlroy’s win this weekend at the 2014 Open Championship (perhaps better known as the open that is british ended up being huge for the young golfer’s career. It was their 3rd major championship, making him just the 3rd player to win three majors by age 25, joining a couple of guys you might have heard of: Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

But the win may have been also larger for McIlroy’s daddy and a few of his buddies.

When McIlroy putted away on the 18th green at Hoylake, he fulfilled a bet that had been made by his father Gerry and two friends over about ten years ago. In 2004, Gerry McIlroy placed a bet on their son, then 15 years of age, to win the British Open by the time he had been 25 (or put another way, before he switched 26).

Ladbrokes was happy to take the £200 ($341) bet, and even gave the elder McIlroy 500-1 odds. After all, as talented as young Rory may be, he was a long way of from being capable of winning one of the world’s golf tournaments that are biggest.

McIlroy Covers Bet on Final Opportunity

But a funny thing occurred over the decade that is next. McIlroy didn’t just become a professional golfer, but he became probably the player that is best of his generation. Soon he was a threat that is perennial win the Open, and those 500-1 were looking incredibly generous. Still, heading into last week’s tournament, McIlroy on Continuar lendo Rory McIlroy Win Pays off Ten-Year-Old Bet for His Daddy

Pinnacle Sports Stanley Tomchin Avoids Felony Charges

Pinnacle Sports Stanley Tomchin Avoids Felony Charges

Stanley Tomchin ended up being originally accused of 56 felony fees. (Image:

Stanley Tomchin has some stake into the online bookmaker Pinnacle Sports, but it’s not clear if he’s a primary owner of the site. He was certainly a games that are talented, though it’s difficult to say so how impressive his accomplishments really are. But something is for sure: Tomchin won’t be spending any time in jail in the future that is immediate.

Tomchin reached a plea agreement with the Queen’s County District Attorney’s Office in New York, pleading accountable up to a misdemeanor cost, but avoiding the 56 felonies he had been charged with back in 2012. At the time, Tomchin ended up being facing charges including money laundering, enterprise corruption, and conspiracy.

Tomchin Avoids Jail Time

Those charges could have come with extensive jail time. Instead, Tomchin will avoid both prison and supervised probation after ending the full case with just one class B misdemeanor. The cost is conspiracy into the sixth level, the category that is lowest of criminal misdemeanor under New York State law.

‘The District Attorney’s workplace began this case with an exaggerated press statement that sought to portray Mr. Tomchin as a gangster kingpin,’ said attorney David Deitch. ‘Their willingness to resolve the case with a plea to a course B misdemeanor shows that those claims were only a smoke and mirrors façade desig Continuar lendo Pinnacle Sports Stanley Tomchin Avoids Felony Charges

Nevada Gaming Control Board Still Hunting for Six Most Desired

Nevada Gaming Control Board Still Hunting for Six Most Desired

The capture of Jubreal Chahine leaves six individuals on the Control Board’s most-wanted list. (Image: Nevada Control Board)

The capture of Jubreal Chahine was a major coup for the Nevada Gaming Control Board. He was one of the seven casino that is most-wanted for officials within the state, as there have been seven warrants out against him at enough time of their capture. But that’s just the start for state regulators, and they’d like to see one other six most-wanted gambling criminals on the list to fulfill the same end as Chahine.

Chahine had been a man who had utilized a high amount of low-value scams to bilk casinos for cash. He had pulled basic schemes like placing late bets (known as ‘past posting’) at roulette tables or swapping in larger denomination chips when he knew he’d win during the blackjack dining table at casinos over the United States enough times to rack up 21 felony charges.

‘Dudes like Chahine are exactly what I call low-level, repeat offenders,’ said the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Chief of Enforcement Karl Bennison. ‘Who understands how several times he was successful, but whenever you can get away with it, cheating is profitable.’

Most-Wanted List Determined by Extradition

Chahine ended up being one of seven individuals that had been put on the Control Board’s exclusive list of the many notorious casino criminals. In order to decide on who ends up on record, several facets are Continuar lendo Nevada Gaming Control Board Still Hunting for Six Most Desired