Womens pay falls under workchoices study

W더킹 카지노omens pay falls underXO 카지노 workchoices study

But the report adds, on the whole, that men’s earnings growth rates between 2000 and 2010 was slower than that of women’s and that women were now earning more money overall than in the 1990s.

Women’s average wages declined by 23 per cent in the period since 2005, compared with a rise of 7 per cent for men.

The report suggests a major reason for this may be that women are more likely than men to be doing part-time, rather than full-time, employment, where men are more likely to do more pa포커rt-time work or be single with their own hours than full-time employees.

Blues still wary of smith less maroons

Blues still wary of smith less maroons

While the Blues have had to be careful with who they trust to play centre forward, they have opted to keep their faith with Billy Slater and Jordan Lewis. It looks as though Simon Mannering has had his say and that, it could be, is enough to see him as Blues first choice. However, there’s something of a bit of바카라 사이트 추천 uncertainty around Ben Matulino, who’s got plenty to prove. As such, Benji Marshall, in his own words, “shouldn’t even be available” to Mannering.

It’s still an unknown at the moment, although given the team’s depth in defence, the Blues have a number of options at the forward position. With Ben Matulino out, it will most likely be a swap with a player who has at least one season left in their contract. But with the emergence of Benji Marshall, it is certainly a possibility. It will likely have to be either Mitch Clark or Jarryd Hayne, both of whom are good enough in that position to provide some quality competition for the number one spot.

In the centre of defence, it remains to be seen if the Blues can take Sam Butler for some time, or if a third option is going to be needed. If Sam Butler decides to retire, he would need to join the club one year from now. In addition to the injury-ravaged Mitchell Pearce and Sam Heaslip, another question for Sam would be: how long does the Blues have left on Josh McGuire’s contract?

The Blues also have some options in the form of Adam Blair. The 20-year-old is coming off a very impressive season, playing alongside both Dylan Napa and Luke Brooks, so it’s no doubt he’d like the opportunity to play in the top six. He has also proven very strong in the recent off season, so is one of many in a Blues midfield capable of delivering big goals.

Of course there is also the unknown at fullback; how long will it be before Steve Matai decide마카오 카지노 호텔s to join up with the big boys? The club hasn’t said any official word, but it appears that a deal should be signed early next week. It’s still very early days but with the Blues in need of reinforcements, it’s possible that a deal can be done.

The gta 카지노 습격Blues have also had some tough decisions to make in the form of Benji Marshall. While they’ve brought in some quality in the forward department, their defence has been badly depleted. Som