Jury out in sydney terrorism trial of Sydney schoolgirl, Malia Bouattia

Jury out in sydney terrorism trial of Sydney schoolgirl, Malia Bouattia


A jury has decided Sydney woman Malia Bouattia will get her life sentence.

The 28-year-old was sentenced to 21 years for her role in Sydney’s Hyde Park schools gang rape, which took place in 2014.

The court heard the 14-year-old was attacked while walking back home after school.

Ms Bouattia pleaded not guilty to the charge and had the matter before the jury at Hyde Park Magistrates’ Court, before the full verdict is announced.

“I apologise to the victim, the community and our families for the loss,” Justice William Leitz told Ms Bouattia at the closing arguments.

“In relation to her mother, please know the impact you have had on her. It does affect their confidence as far as that goes, that they can go to their friends and family.”

Justice Leitz said his decision had to be based on all the evidence he had seen, before the evidence for Mr Justice Leitz.

The judge described the girl as a “devastated” and “devastated” person with a “deepest affection for her mother”.

The judge said she has “온라인 카지노 주소lost a mother, a loving mother”.

He said the girl wanted to have a family and was deeply remorseful for what she had done.

The victim윈 카지노‘s mother had pleaded for forgiveness.

“I am so grateful to you for what you’ve done,” she said.

“I would also like to make one comment about those two men that took her. I understand that you may think they are a good community service, but when you are faced with those two children, and they were both your own and they will grow up to be adults in a couple of years, you cannot turn your back on them. It is not who they are.”

Ms Bouattia and her co-accused, Mohamed Hussein, 24, were both sentenced to life.

Mr Justice Leitz said the sentence was “well thought out”.

But he acknowledged it was a very high bar for a child to clear, and said there was more evidence to be found against Mr Hussei슈퍼카지노n.

The judge described him as “the key to the investigation.”

Police allege the gang raped eight girls, five of whom are from the same area of town.

The victims were attacked while walking home from Hyde Park Primary School i