Dietitians demand better food in remote areas

Dietitians demand better food in remote areas. And the food that does come to the capital, such as potatoes, maize and cassava, doesn’t have much nutritional value, according to government officials.

The health authorities say they have found no trace of mercury poisoning among the 3,000 people they monitored between June and August who showed signs of mercury poisoning.

Some of the affected people don’t drink much water, and because there are few fresh fruit and vegetables nearby, these areas aren’t especially healthy, said Dr. Channa Krishnamurthy, deputy director of the Delhi Department of Health.

As to why the mercury levels were higher in that particular section of the city, Krishnamurthy said, “These are the areas where the people who are susceptible, but not sick, have a tendency to be contaminated with water and not drinking water. The fact that this section of the city is not contaminated with drinking water means that they were not at high risk.”

But the mercury levels were found in many other parts of the city and in some of the other districts in south Delhi.

To assess how the city was affected by the spill, the authorities conducted an investigation called a thorough analysis.

“The study shows that in the area affected by the spill, the lead level at around 4,000 micrograms per deciliter was high,” said Rakesh Ku바카라 검증 사이트mar Singh, acting director of the government’s Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Committee.

He said tests also showed that the lead level in people exposed to the spill in the last two days was about 30,000 micrograms per deciliter. But the high exposure level in these particular areas suggests that, without protective measures, that high lead level may cause harm to other people.

“The problem is, these areas of Delhi are extremely poor because the pove우리 바카라rty is there, and this high lead levels in these areas suggest that the lead exposure was caused by lead in the water from the sewage treatment plant,” said Singh.

At the same time, some of the findings of the study also suggest that people living in areas like these have higher risk of contracting the flu. But th카지노 114e government has failed to act.

The Health Ministry said the spill was detected while it was working near the Jantar Mantar, Delhi’s international airport, and was treated by doctors there. But the ministry is investigating why there are no reports about the city’s flu in its report.

The report suggests that many of the water wells in the contaminated areas were eithe