Minotaur proposes shared desalination plant for Mumbai

Minotaur proposes shared desalination plant for Mumbai. It will reduce pollution and save water

Mumbai, Feb 1 : A proposal is being presented to construct a shared desalination plant for Mumbai in order to save energy and water. The proposal, which was given to the city’s water department for approval last year, will be implemented after making use of the state-of-the-art desalination machinery, an expert meeti카지노 사이트ng was held this week.

The proposal will ensure adequate supply to the city, and will involve the implementation of a desalination plant in the outskirts, said the official. The plant will be connected to a tank in the city, and after cooling, can be transported to different sites where water is needed. The facility will supply 5,000 litres of water per hour for about 12 hours to the city.

The proposal comes at a time when Mumbai’s water supply is also being squeezed and the water demand is expected to rise, experts said. The central government has decided to reduce the intake water capacity in cities from 400,000 liters per annum to 100,000 liters per annum starting December 1 next year.

This measure was a response to the high consumption of water, and as part of this, desalination plants will hav바카라사이트e to be made available to the residents, said an official.

The officials said the 우리카지노project would be implemented after making use of the state-of-the-art desalination machinery. It will make use of a new, more efficient engine that will replace an old desalination plant that was currently being used, said the official. The plant, said the official, will be placed near the existing water conveyor lines.

The plant will be placed nearby a canal in the city, and the proposed plant will then flow water to multiple reservoirs around the city, said the official. In the case of Mumbai, the water would be available to 50,000 people, added the official.

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