Sa govt backs dpp decision to drop rape case against boy” (India Today, August 16)

Sa govt backs dpp decision to drop rape case against boy” (India Today, August 16). But, despite reports by the government and police, police have said that the boy was raped by his family before he was kidnapped and sold to another man, who dumped him on the beach.

The incident was made public as part of a series of incidents, including that of two boys and a woman who were rescued from a hotel in the Mumbai area in June which were allegedly abused by men of various ages in the city. The men, allegedly, forced the girls to attend their private parties and in June a couple was raped by one of바카라사이트 them. They also a더킹카지노llegedly abused the other man. No arrests have been made yet on any of the accused.

Mumbai has been known to be a hotbed of prostitution in recent times. In early June, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), which checks rape accusations, announced that it had arrested a Mumbai woman and man for alleged rape, while police and doctors at the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare have been examining a case. Las우리카지노t week, the Supreme Court, which has the power to make laws on various aspects of the country’s criminal law, handed down a landmark ruling. The court, the apex court of the country, had declared a law on rape to be an offence against India and banned the use of a private house for prostitution. The ruling, however, will not apply to cases in which victims can prove the sex was forced, the Associated Press reported.

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