Tas sailor retraces bligh voyage by boat

Tas sailonatyasastra.comr retraces bligh voyage by boat

The Tas crew have taken the unprecedented step of going on a three-week trip across the South Pacific, to return home after leaving the Australian mainland. The Tasmanian ship TAS was caught off Papua New Guinea in 2010, but has since been refuelled, after being rescued by a US Navy vessel, and has been on two previous trips to the far reaches of Australia, including in 2000.

“While we haven’t set out to seek out the same thing as people from our countries, that is our aim in doing this – to go and find a place for ourselves where we can go again,” Tas sailor Tim Jones told Radio National.

“This trip isn’t aimed at making money. This is about finding a place for us to go home.”더킹카지노

Tas-based Tas News said that while passengers from the United States, Japan, Britain, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia were on board, none had come forward to offer advice in the wake of the shipwreck.

“The crew of the Tas are very happy and grateful that their voyage back home has continued,” Tas News said. “We know it took them over nine months to get to this point, so all we ask is that they try and come up with something positive and let us know how they are doing.”

The team have been given an array of help by those they have met, said Tas News’ Jason Brierley.

“We know these are not our first journeys, but we’re confident th바카라사이트ey’ll have a long and happy life to come,” Brierley said.

For the last year and a half, TAS has been on a seven-week voyage to the Far East – making stops on islands including Kiribati, the Philippines, Tonga, the Solomon Islands, Palau and Hawaii.

Jones and his crew are set to board the Tas at the end of the trip on May 19, and will stay at the station in Japan for several months, he added.