Winemakers launch melbourne’s first interactive urban wine festival

Winemakers launch melbourne’s first interactive urban wine festival

The festival celebrates a century-old wine making tradition of mixing small quantities of wine in a can to create a special, aromatic wine that will melt in hot water or for the tasting room or bar as an appetizer or dessert.

The first-of-its kind festival will take place this weekend and will include live music, interactive exhibitions and food and drink.

It started off as an attempt to re-ignite Victorian-era grape-growing skills at the Melbourne Museum, but has since expanded to include wine education and a wine-making workshop for kids.


The festival will begin on Saturday March 8, with wine producers in Melbourne attending workshops to share the latest tips and tricks and learn from experiennatyasastra.comced professionals, including the 바카라사이트wine-maker.

It will finish Sunday at the Museum at 3pm to showcase the best of the year’s new and old vintages.

Vintagers and others who were part of the first-ever vintage festival, which was held in the Victorian suburb of South Kensington in 1879, will meet in The Grove to sample one or two of the first dozen or so vintages.

Some of the producers will even be present in person to try new or rare우리카지노 wines.


General admission is $60 and includes a 20 minute VIP entrance, an exclusive tour around the festival site, a sample of the wine before it is served at the tasting, and other fun things.

To book online go to the festival website at to request a booking.

Tickets can be purchased from the festival premises or by calling 0800 821 7300 and visiting

Tickets for youth aged 15 to 18 who have attended the festival in the past year cannot be purchased by the gate, they must be purchased for an adult ticketing fee.


Saturday – 3pm – 10pm (no doors)

Sunday – 11am – 5pm

Tickets also available at the Museum (

All wine events at the festival are completely free.