Libyan rebels lose more ground to gaddafi-backed rebels during civil war

Libyan rebels lose more ground to gaddafi-backed rebels during c바카라사이트ivil war

Rebels win control of most of the country’s second-largest city

The United Nations Security Council approved a resolution Sunday approving an international mandate to free Libyan rebels held captive in the country since 2011. The resolution was adopted in a unanimous resolution and took the names of those freed. The U.S. Congress authorized $80 million in emergency money Sunday for the rescue mission, the White House said.

Rebel fighters from the Free Syrian Army have taken control of most of the country’s second-largest city, Benghazi, and are now in charge of some 20 districts, President Bashar al-Assad’s military, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Sophie Roy, international spokesman for the Red Cross in Libya, said about 100,000 people had fled the city since the assault on Friday.

The White House said Friday night that only about 7,500 people remained trapped in Benghazi. It said rescue operations had been suspended by Saturday and that the U.S. ambassador to Libya was now in Turkey after an apparent attempt by al-Qaeda leaders to strike the U.S. Consulate.

U.S. President Barack Obama visited Libya on Saturday and vowed that the region would remain “the region’s most dangerous battlefield” for terrorist groups.

The administration urged all member states and the international community to take immediate action.

“We have not reached the moment when al-Qaeda and ISIS (another acronym for the Islamic State group) should be recognized as a credible threat,” said White House National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan. “We have not defeated ISIL in Libya, we have not eliminated terror in Libya, and we will not eliminate terror in Libya unless it abandons weapons of mass destruction or quits its war against other states. The United States will continue to support those governments an우리카지노d other actors who are working to prevent the spread of violence in Libya, and will support other efforts to secure that region.”

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, “We have a process for addressing any threat. We are committed to supporting this mission and any other member state that is a responsible player in what we hope is a humanitarian disaster.”

“We’v우리카지노e had a clear preference, but a duty, on every one of our partners. What the ambassador’s mission is, they should get out and do their job,” Psaki said.

The resolution, called the Libya Accountability, Removal and Shipment Act o

Gillard confirms local government referedum was discussed at government meeting

Gillard confirms local government referedum was discussed at government meeting


Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says there is “no chance” a plan to use federal funding to build a $1 billion football complex in the Sunshine State would pass as a state government.

Key points: Premier says no decision has been taken about moving to the Gold Coast

Queensland government to consult comm바카라unity

An estimated $600 million has been spent on the project

She is standing by her comments about her government’s support for her plan to move the Australian Football League, which involves a soccer complex and hotels.

Key points: Premier confirms $600 million has been spent in construction of Melbourne-based football academy in Brisbane

Premier says plan calls for 400-seat, $100 million facility with 500 coaches

State Government still to decide if to proceed

Ms Palaszczuk told ABC television that while it wasn’t a decision that would have gone to the state for public consultation, Queensland was standing with the Premier.

“The federal government has said they will support a move to the Gold Coast,” she said.

“So we’ve heard a couple of announcements on that but none of that’s been decided at any point.”

The Premier says she would not have put in a request for federal funding if her proposal had been to move forward without that state funding.

“I would never have put in a request for any other funding, especially if더킹카지노 those funds were provided by federal governments,” she said.

“This was a decision of the Premier.

“It is the Premier who made it that way and is the one who took control of the process.”

Federal funds used to build the club in Victoria: Premier

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszc더킹카지노zuk’s comments come amid questions about Federal Government policy.

In her statement, Ms Palaszczuk says she is “strongly advised” the federal government won’t fund the development of the Gold Coast Soccer Complex.

Federal Government’strongly advised’ to stop funding development of Gold Coast Soccer Complex

“I am strongly advised that this decision, this decision of the Premier, is not something the federal government can or will fund.

“To put that in the context of what the Prime Minister has been saying, this is a decision she is taking now.”

Ms Palaszczuk said she spoke with Premier Campbell Newman last nigh