Woman found guilty of animal cruelty

Woman found guilty of animal cruelty

CLOSE A jury convicted Lorna Levesque of killing a rabbit because it did not eat as much food as her male dog. Shenatyasastra.com had been given an 18-month sentence on March 31. Video provided by Newsy Newslook

The judge did say Levesque acted without empathy.

Levesque, 30, had earlier been ordered to take a drug to control her anxiety and panic attacks and was told that she had to stay in the nursing home until she took her case to the court of appeals.

A psychologist testified the problems with the rabbit started around Christmas. Her cat and other animals began to get very agitated and “exhibited behaviors that may have been a result of the stress,” the judge said.

The judge also said it was a case of her abusing a pet that is still in the home, so she was a danger to the cats.

Levesque testified she loved her animals and did everything she could to keep them.

The judge told her, “This is about animals, and you will 우리카지노be held accountable for all your actions.”

Levesque’s lawyer, Richard J. Seibert, tried to argue that the judge was wrong to award the 12 months sentence.

“You abused the animals, you are a danger to all animals.” Seibert said. “There is not a single animal that is more dangerous than this.”

Levesque now plans to take a 더킹카지노year off work, as a result of the ruling, but will remain with the nursing home until her appeal is heard.

Watch NewsCenter 5 Sunday for additional information on the rabbits’ death.

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