Minichiello lett off striking charge

Minichiello lett off striking charge

Pellegrini says he doesn’t believe anyone has been charged with corruption

Reports in Italy suggest the Football Federation is investigating an alleged corruption case involving several current and former officials of the Torino club.

The Football Federation has si바카라nce responded to a letter frjarvees.comom a member of the public who wants to be referred to the investigative commissi우리카지노on, which will issue a report on Oct 17.

According to the letter sent by lawyer Andrea Perugini, the commission found that three of Torino’s current and former managers had failed a “financial audit” by the board of directors on 31 January 2016.

It concluded that, in addition to failing to make the required financial records public, the “firms may have failed to take steps to prevent these financial statements from being provided to third parties.”

The board is to receive an amended report by Oct 22.

The letter said Perugini wanted to know if the investigation has been carried out by the investigatory commission.

Torino president Silvio Berlusconi has confirmed that the FA has already reached its conclusions.