Industry the key to water crisis says union boss

Industry the key to water crisis says union boss

ROBERT KITCHIN/FAIRFAX NZ Labour MP David Cunliffe called for the Government to pay more money to meet Auckland’s water shortage.

But the industry has warned farmers could be paying too much under a new state funding model.

Auckland Water has said its water system has “significant” future water needs but some of its biggest projects could see its share falls under the plan.

Labour MP David Cunliffe said it would be a catastrophe if the state funding model continued.

He said if the New Zealand Water sector saw its share of the money go up it would put the country at risk, particularly if New Zealand was to enter a debt crisis.

“We’re going to be facing the realisation of what happened in the 1980s, the worst water crisis 더킹카지노in our history.

“If we don’t get this government to provide the money we’re really looking at an industry going into the hands of foreign investors with no idea of its impact on farmers, on communities.

“We could be at risk of having farmers with millions of dollars coming into our system with no water and very small numbers of homes able to access that water.”

The government is considering raising the amount ojarvees.comf New Zealand Water water that farmers receive in a $14 billion investment fund, but that doesn’t amount to enough money for farmers to meet their needs.

New Zealand Water’s chief executive officer Peter Taylor said the Government was committed to its funding plan.

“The Government recognises its role in developing this funding model so it remains as robust as possible. We are also committed to delivering a successful water system that ensures our people have access to safe water and a sound economy.”

The Government needs $10 billion of funding from the state in the next four years, with the other $7.5 billion of the money coming fro더킹카지노m a combination of public-private partnerships, international agreements and tax credits.

Labour Party MP David Cunliffe said the Government shouldn’t be allowed to be the one to tell farmers how they spend their money.

“It’s the New Zealand Water sector which is getting so much of the blame. Government has to look again at what water is, what it can do for us. If they’re going to raise water as a service then they’ve got to get more out of farmers.”

NZ Water is set to launch a three-year pilot program to test a plan to invest 20 per cen