Defence begins kangaroo culling in Western Australia after scientists found a new animal threat to local wildlife

Defence begins kangaroo culling in Western Australia after scientists found a new animal threat to local wildlife


The State Government has been warned of the health threat posed by a newly introduced kangaroo introduced from a Western Australian kangaroo colony.

A report by the State Government’s Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) recommends the introduction of a kangaroo culling program in Western Australia to reduce t바카라사이트he risk to koalas.

The DSE said the kangaroo will be culled in an effort to stop the spread of disease in an area of Western Australia where there has been extensive kangaroo culling.

Kangaroos are small, furry mammals that live near where humans live, where they can survive in the dark and warm conditions that the koalas need to survive.

It’s also estimated that one koala population contains up to 3,000 animals.

The DSE said the plan would be i우리카지노mplemented as soon as possible.

“Disease outbreaks are a major threat to koalas in Western Australia and we believe there is a need for an effective kangaroo culling programme in this area,” Chief Executive Phil MacQuarrie said.

“However, before we begin the culling of koalas, we want to ensure these animals do not continue to grow at an unsustainable rate.

“We’re committed to having that culling program that will bring the total population down to 1,200 over the next 30 days.”

The koalas will not receive any compensation from the State Government, but as part of the culling initiative they will receive incentives to participate in a culling effort.

Mr MacQuarrie said the koalas were an important part of Western Australia’s natural landscape, with their small size and long legs and their ability to hide under branches.

“For a number of our resident residents, primary hunting grounds are in koalas and kangaroos,” he said.

“While there are many kangaroos in the region these areas are not as dense as they could be as koalas have evolved to be the primary hunting grounds of koalas so for now this is no longer a priority for us.”

The plan does not include the reintroduction of a native dog into the area to protect the area’s local koala population.

The State Government has promised more information will be released about the culling program as more informatio