Watch footage from the falconcam shows a bird-shaped object flying out of the sky and flying off

Watch footage from the falconcam shows a bird-shaped object flying out of the sky and flying off.

The aircraft was seen in an aerial photogr바카라사이트aph from the RAF base before it clipped a bush in the rural area on Friday.

The RAF helicopter sent to the crash site also captured another aerial view of the area, taken from a second aircraft.

It also appears to be missing its nose gear and missing its cockpit lights.

The bird is also thought to have broken its wing while descending from its flight.

BBC London’s Steve Wilson said the footage from the RAF base was being analysed but they had been unable to see if there were any other objects around.

Some of the images show the aircraft flying in front of trees.

It was later reported by the Independent that the bird was travelling in an area that contained strong wind.

The pilot of the second helicopter who was on duty at the time of the crash, said in a message on his Facebook pag더킹카지노e: “Our aircrews have not yet assessed the damage to the aircraft, which has left us with no other options than to leave it to the RAF.

“We will await this assessment before making any further statements.

“The incident has now been reported to the relevant authorities.”

Image caption Armed officers at the scene said their priority was to protect the public

Image caption The pilot of the second helicopter, who had been on duty at the time, said he had not seen anything unusual

Local community association leader, Simon Kipps, said: “We are concerned about the safety of the area. We do not know the exact conditions as we have not had an update from the RAF.

“We are also concerned over the speed at which this aircraft was goi더킹카지노ng to be travelling so we would like a full statement from the UK Airforce about what it saw and what they’ve done.

“We are not asking for compensation because the aircraft crashed but we would like to be aware that if something were to happen it could have serious consequences.”

The second helicopter that crashed had been scheduled to fly around eight to 10 miles over the incident area but was diverted on a wrong route, Kipps added.