Stuckey backs sensational v8 superfest support that will never be stopped’

Stuckey backs sensational v8 superfest support that will never be stopped’

The new book reveals that his former manager was on the front line of the fight to get a title shot for Stuckey. His approach to the contest was very simple.

“It was something I had to do but it was something I couldn’t turn down,” Stuckey said, adding that he wasn’t concerned by the fight being called off if the ref gave Stuckey the win over Joe Silva in December 2007.

Stuckey’s record for successful championship shots stands at 17. He has 바카라won 11, lost five and drawn one, although Stuckey’s wins by knockout have never been enough to win a title.

‘It was a big part of my career’

Stuckey, who said he never doubted he would beat Silva during their fight in 2007, believes that his success in knocking out two of the most feared strikers in the sport could lead to him fighting for a World Heavyweight title sooner rather than later.

He says: “It was a very exciting time. I knew I was going to do well but in the end it just didn’t work out as I expected. I had no experience and no experience and it was a learning time for me because at this point in time, for me, winning a world title wasn’t something that came easily. If I wasn’t able to beat Joe Silva then I wouldn’t be sitting here in England right now saying why not I’ve had an incredible fight, why not?”

“I think after being down 1-0 from the start it was probably my most exciting fight as a professional wrestler. The thing about that fight, the reason it didn’t work is because I didn’t focus in it.

“It was going into a third round, I had a decision over in my hands but I never got the opportunity to focus in on my opponent.”

Stuckey, who will now move up to heavyweight as part of a massive World Cup bout against British contender Johny Hendricks, doesn’t necessarily mind what he has accomplished since making the change from heavyweight to heavyweight and admits he’d be delighted to move on to a heavyweight fight against a champion at heavyweight.

‘A lot of great s바카라사이트tuff in this book’

“I don’t think I would have moved forward [as a heavyweight] as hard and had the same kind of legacy that I had in my previous division, because I had this tremendous support behind me.

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