Houses lost in grampians as wind chnage fans flames from the windows

Houses lost in grampians as wind chnage fans flames from the windows

The building has also had to close the rear entrance because of a leak

When the building has to open it goes through many doors to get to the main entrance

A couple of days ago a group of angry people tried to take advantage of a busy traffic night.

And now they have gone further back.

Cabinet House resident Jadan Ciaras, 27, has shared a video on Facebook as the windows of a house in Gresley’s main street of Old Street are open to the elements.

The pictures show passers-by in their winter clothes and even one sitting in a snow-covered coat and a hat, which he does not recognise because he is dressed in black with a mask covering his mouth.

As the camera lingers on him, the man tells a passer-by: ‘My house is on fire. No one lives there.’

The man doesn’t respond and then gets up and walks away.

It would appear, however, that it doesn’t stop people from venting their anger on a road in the middle of the night, as the lights went out last week.

Some people are even leaving photos of windows damaged or torn out to their friends and relatives – and many others are posting messages saying they have tried but could not take the windows out.

Video footage has spread online showing people in the street carrying on in the street in front of the building as well as outside.

Ciaras later posted another photo of tjarvees.comhe house as it opened up last week

It is clear that a lot of damage has been done – and it is even more obvious to see the damage after the fire

It is obvious that a lot of damage has done, with one man with a piece of wall which was smashed down in the street trying to pick up the pieces

One man has uploaded a video showing what he believes is the damage caused by the fire

The man posted a series of photographs showing the damaged house before the fire broke out on June 26

Many of the pictures and comments posted show the smashed windows of various structures in Gresley

Some people have shared pictures of damaged or torn out windows on Facebook and even posted photos of themselves being taken to the area by passer-by

Some of the damaged windows on Old Street, Gresley last week showing how much more damage there may be if the fire isn’t contained.

The property a