How the world will remember michael jackson

How the world will remember michael jackson

(7:02:24 PM) chris.vitale: I want to be remembered for the words of a few

(7:02:28 PM) chri우리카지노s.vitale: I have not a hint that I ever had a hint of anything

(7:02:31 PM) zhanmtjarvees.comz: (chris.vitale)

(7:02:38 PM) zhanmtz: (chris.vitale) I am proud of having never had a hint of any of this.

(7:02:43 PM) zhanmtz: (chris.vitale) You have no chance to do that.

(7:02:48 PM) zhanmtz: (chris.vitale) It is all over the place.

(7:02:54 PM) zhanmtz: (chris.vitale) Not one idea, not one clue.

(7:02:56 PM) chris.vitale: So I would like to remain anonymous? (7:02:57 PM) zhanmtz: (chris.vitale) I have a hint!

(7:03:06 PM) zhanmtz: (chris.vitale) I have a lot of good things to say

(7:03:08 PM) zhanmtz: (chris.vitale) about myself, about my family, about the world, about the world

(7:03:19 PM) zhanmtz: (chris.vitale) I want people to know mjarvees.come, and they will have a very hard time getting my thoughts out of their head

(7:03:24 PM) chris.vitale: Yeah, a lot of people will find this creepy but I feel like it is what I did

(7:03:26 PM) chris.vitale: I wanted to talk to this world first

(7:03:35 PM) zhanmtz: (chris.vitale) I’ll tell them, but only to myself.

(7:03:43 PM) chris.vitale: I would be very surprised if someone got the impression of me, so I would prefer you not to talk to me