Jobless rate jumps to 58pc in sa

Jobless rate jumps to 58pc in sa.

Wage gap narrows, but still widened for most in middle of year, but remains elevated

Labor market continues to tighten but unemployment drops, though overall still high, but also weak

Bureauc바카라사이트rats in both parties have warned of a “new normal” in Washington for a U.S. economy whose output has been falling sharply

Jobless rate jumps to 55pc, with average growth rate steady at 0.5pc

Houses are buying up homes to house the unemployed, a sign that they believe government policy on jo구미출장안마bless benefits can ease their worries

Housing starts are more than double their 2011 levels and rise 2.2pc in September

Consumer spending expands, while consumer prices remain muted

Nominal GDP accounts for 90pc of household spending growth

Ex-offshore windfall from China’s massive coal boom boosts US power sector

Businesses, and other businesses, have reacted angrily to the latest news that China has approved a huge coal lease in Alaska.

They also note that U.S. coal exports to China, which account for around 20pc of its total exports, have slumped from around 8m tonnes in 2011 to around 8m tonnes in 2012, but growth has resumed following the announcement by President Xi Jinping’s government that the lease was approved. The United States has also sold coal to Australia and India, but the country remains locked in a dispute with Beijing over royalties. China has been the main exporter of coal to the U.S. since at least 2008.

While the approval of the coal lease in Alaska has left some businesses feeling jittery, others are bracing for more bad news in the months ahead.

John Bresnahan, chief economist at UBS Economics, said the announcement is evidence that global coal prices are coming under pressure. The price of Australian and New Zealand coal is g용인안마oing up by about 5 per cent a year, and the Chinese government has been raising the price of iron ore and coal to combat the weak global economy.

“Coal prices may come under pressure later on,” he said.

The U.S. coal industry has taken advantage of the strong U.S. dollar to raise prices. A report by Bloomberg noted that the price of coal in the United States plunged by $40 per tonne in May and June, with a rise of 6.8 per cent over the same period in June of last year. That was the most recent month o

Numbers dont tell whole story as australia gets win over india in women’s basketball semifinal

Numbers dont tell whole story as australia gets win over india in women’s basketball semifinal

The win would have given Australia its first women’s gold medal since 2008, having reached the finals two years ago.

“I am very proud to hgospelhitzave won gold,” said Australia’s all-time leading scorers Kristian Dyer (5) and Stegospelhitzphanie Cornock (4).

Canada’s Danielle Carter (5) and Canada’s Allana Begovia (4) also went onto win silver in the women’s final, while the US won bronze.

“Our players demonstrated their true colours and dedication to their country by bringing the best of ourselves to the most important competition in the world,” said Australian coach Paul Green.
“We are now proud to lead the team with the gold medal from this sport, the first medal for this sport ever to win an Olympic medal.”

World silver medallist Canada’s Christine Sinclair will be one of two female players on Canada’s medal-winning team, along with fellow Canadian Katie Ledecky.

How the world will remember michael jackson

How the world will remember michael jackson

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