Embarrassing things occur to everyone – not only you

Embarrassing things occur to everyone – not only you

1. Let’s my breasts match? Until you’ve had a boob job, don’t count on completely symmetrically breasts.

That’s because breasts are constructed of mammary gland muscle and fat, and also have obviously various quantities in each, describes Glenn Updike, M.D., assistant teacher of obstetrics and gynecology at Magee Women’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.

For many ladies, the real difference is more pronounced – however it’s often a cosmetic issue.

The fix: If it is affecting or embarrassing your sex-life, surgery is a choice.

If a person breast unexpectedly becomes much bigger as compared to other, it might suggest a tumor or infection. Set you back your gynecologist to immediately have it evaluated.

2. Will it be normal to pass through gasoline during orgasm?

When you orgasm, the muscles around your genitals – like the sphincter muscle tissue – relax, so that it’s maybe not uncommon for just a little fuel to flee, claims Millicent Comrie, M.D., creator and medical manager for the longer Island university Center for Women’s wellness in Brooklyn.

But also before orgasm, the motion that is in-and-out trigger fuel considering that the penis rubs against the anus through the genital wall surface, she claims.

The fix: If it occurs often, just take an over-the-counter anti-gas medication that contains simethicone before making love, she recommends.

3. A dream was had by me about making love with an other woman. Have always been I gay or bisexual?

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