Dear Therapist: Do I Must Have ‘the Talk’ Once Again With My Child?

Dear Therapist: Do I Must Have ‘the Talk’ Once Again With My Child?

She just said she’s gay. I’ve currently talked to her about sex with boys—how do We speak with her about girls?

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Dear Therapist,

As being a parent, we securely believe it really is my duty to organize my young ones to maintain positivity, healthier, and people that are productive on the planet as well as in individual relationships.

When my 12-year-old child announced that she’s gay, my head began rotating. Don’t get me wrong—I do not have issue along with her intimate orientation. But i will be completely lost with regards to simple tips to prepare her for future relationships.

We’ve had “the talk” about heterosexual sex, therefore should“the talk is had by me” about lesbian intercourse? I’m additionally not sure how to deal with sleepovers. Do we let her girlfriends invest the evening whenever there’s prospect of sexual intercourse?

Please assist me with this particular paradigm change.


Dear Anonymous,

First, you’re currently from the right track by making healthier relationships a concern for the kiddies. Which will be to state, we don’t think you’re because lost as you imagine you may be, and that’s since the easiest way to organize your child for future relationships, no matter sexual orientation, would be to model the qualities you’d like those relationships to possess. In the event that you offer a secure, open discussion while also establishing (and upholding) clear restrictions which will be renegotiated as she gets older, you’re both likely to be capable of finding your path.

By opening conversations early and often—as in opposition to having “the talk” and being done with it—you’ll communicate to your child as i gather from your letter you’d like to do that you respect her sexuality and the relationships that will go with it. Continuar lendo Dear Therapist: Do I Must Have ‘the Talk’ Once Again With My Child?