we bleed after sex,what will be the issue?

we bleed after sex,what will be the issue?

Dear Eve, I’m 21 years and I also have problem of bleeding when sex. Exactly just What could be the difficulty? Sandra

Dear Eve, i will be 29 years of age my issue is, whenever We have sexual intercourse with my partner I constantly bleed. Just exactly just What could possibly be incorrect? Please assistance. Stressed Kate


Many thanks for composing in my experience. Sexual activity is a standard function that is biological meaning our anatomical bodies are made to have the ability to have sexual intercourse. Bleeding during or after sex is therefore cause of concern since it shows that there might be a problem interfering with an ordinary function that is biological. There are a variety of various factors why a female would bleed during or after intercourse, including small people to more ones that are serious. Them, let me urge you to resist the temptation of assuming the worst as we explore some of. At least, if any one of them ring real or frustrate you, please check out your gynecologist for further assessment and/or therapy.

Size does matter:

Very reasons that are common bleeding during or after intercourse is a mismatch in proportions. Continuar lendo we bleed after sex,what will be the issue?