Rebels member arrested on drugs and weapons charges

Rebels member arrested on drugs and weapons charges

A group of “resilient”, non-violent members of the Syrian National Army (SNA) has reportedly been arrested. The arrests come shortly after a video purportedly showing members of the Syrian opposition in the city of Raqqa, Syria went viral.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks the war in Syria through an online reporting network with no independent verification, has also received information that at least four groups in Aleppo reportedly cooperated with the government during its three-year siege. The group’s news report states that some local residents, who were unable to flee the city, were among those arrested.

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On April 4, SNN reported that the “savage” detention of five SNA leaders in Raqqa is proof that the terror group is in charge of Syria. SNN reported that the group had recently launched an operation against the Raqqa-Tashkil Province in order to take “more control of the whole region.” The report stated that the leaders of the SNA who are currently in detention were바카라사이트 members of the same group, which was allegedly “armed with mortars, machine guns and weapons,” among other weapons.

A Syrian gove더킹카지노rnment source told RT that five men are being held at the Baath Army prison. He did not release their names.

Two other sources told The Local that the arrests came just two days after an SNA member named “Mu” was arrested in the northern province of Hama. Mu is also accused of being a member of the Islamic State. This is the second member of the SNA who was arrested since 2015.

On March 9, the SNA announced it had killed about 100 “terrorists” in the eastern provinces of Hasaka and Deir al-Zour.

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