Family finds guns in secret compartment of his house, police say

Family finds guns in secret compartment of his house, police say

A former New Mexico sheriff’s deputy is on the run from law enforcement, according to a Facebook Live video published by the New Mexico Sheriff’s Department’s press office this 바카라morning.

Bishop Paul Rodriguez told KOB-TV that he was going to take his wife and his dog to church, but he had to change the vehicle, and had hidden guns in it. He posted the video last night on Facebook, noting that he had to use the restroom because he didn’t have a car.

The video is almost four and a half minutes long, and includes snippets of conversations the two share over and over. Some of the exchange is unintelligible, but it shows the conversation starting with the two discussing how the couple went to church and ending with Rodriguez saying he’s being framed by authorities.

“How am I being framed?” one of the officers asks.

“It was supposed to be me sitting right there,” Rodriguez says. “And now what am I supposed to do, start getting arrested? That’s what I don’t understand.”

Rodriguez also made a very specific statement about what the officer did after the encounter, according to an excerpt posted by the sheriff’s department’s press office:

The other officer responded “Why you running, you were arrested, now you’ve got the guns out.”

“That’s how I understand that. If he put that gun under my shirt, it’s illegal.”

Rodriguez then tells the officer about the guns in his house and how, he told KTNV, he’s been looking for them the entire time. “And it was a joke that when the officers and deputies took that from me, that’s what I do. That’s how I understand that. But it was a joke. That was the fiapronxrst time that I started running.”

The video has been seen over 400,000 바카라times, with the sheriff’s office posting that Rodriguez has been detained by authorities.

The video is the latest video that shows the difficulties of law enforcement agencies dealing with mentally ill citizens like Rodriguez. Last month, a mentally ill California man named William David Johnson was arrested for being mentally unwell and on social media making statements suggesting he wanted to join a cult. And in March, two officers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, had to issue a federal report after an incident in which a homeless man was arrested on a mental health count, then shot at as he was being transported by bus in a