Too late to resume roo culling after failure to pass referendum

Too late to resume roo culling after failure to pass referendum

NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg will not return from a trip to New Zealand to discuss the issue at his club meetings on Wednesday, sour더킹카지노ces have told ESPN Radio.

A source in the club leadership said Greenberg had met with players in Auckland, Wellington and Auckland when he returned to New Zealand late yesterday and had left without taking any questions.

Greenberg’s spokesman would not comment on whether 바카라the NRL was considering replacing the club president with a new football manager or chairman or whether Greenberg’s presence at clubs in Auckland, Wellington or Auckland would influence the matter.

“The NRL is still seeking to reach agreement with the New Zealand Association on the future governance of the national game and we will not comment further on the matter until after discussions with those in our association have concluded,” the statement said.

Greenberg’s resignation is not yet official — the NRL will continue to consult it and has received no formal rep우리카지노ly as to whether he would return with new leaders.

Greenberg’s last NRL trip to New Zealand was in May when he was given a tour of the country and spent most of that time meeting New Zealand players.