Accused arsonist faces court again Wednesday

Accused ars바카라onist faces court again Wednesday

Firefighters extinguished fires, smashed windows and sprayed water to put out a blaze, said Oakland County Fire Chief Richard M. Jones.

Several dozen firefighters responded.

A fire at the Oakland Hall of Labor had broken out on a second-floor parking garage Wednesday night and was extinguishe바카라d by nightfall.

The cause of the fire remained under investigation Wednesday afternoon.

Police told ABC11 that there was no other evidence to determine who set the fires, although Jones said there was probable cause to believe they were intentionally set.

Jones said firefighters had to take many steps to protect workers, including using plywood and rope for reinforcement to protect windows and walls.

“We had to put up the poles all around and the ground inside the garage,” Jones said.

But because the garage was covered in plywood, firefighters knew they could not protect workers from the smoke.

“We had to put tarps over the windows from the outside so they couldn’t get in so we couldn’t really breathe the air,” Jones said.

Jones said firefighters used a heavy-duty spray gun to attack the fire, but they could not defeat the flames because they were too close to the blaze.

Jones said crews have been trying to locate the owner of the property since January. He was not authorized to speak about the case.

“We don’t want anybody else’s safety at risk,” Jones said. “We don’t want anyone else’s property fire to happen.”

Firefighters also had a second fire Thursday night that came from a basement.

It took a little bit to get it under control because there were a number of holes that firefighters cut in the side of the building.

Firefighters say in a few cases they have had to cut down walls so firefighters could enter with a hose.

“It’s a complex process with us and the fire department, but w바카라사이트e are just trying to help them out,” Jones said.

Jones said investigators from the Oakland Department of Public Health will check to see if there are any more suspicious cases and if the building is safe to go into.

One of the cases, they say, is a case where there was one incident in which a man was allegedly tied up and burned by the garage owners.

Jones said that if there are any suspicious actions from them, they will pursue action against the building owners or owners who owned the building.

“No one wants to lose anything,

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