Liberals celebrate nsw election swings

Libe예스카지노rals celebrate nsw election swings

JENNIFER KURTIS/STUFF Liberal MP Warren Entsch calls for electoral reform

The Greens have been critical of the Liberals for their approach to the campaign in recent weeks, arguing they are slow and disorganized, lacking an adequate infrastructure, and understaffed by staff. But the party’s new leader Richard Di Natale has dismissed the Greens’ criticisms as a distraction from what he sees as a long fight ahead for the Liberals.

“I think we have been saying the same thing for a long time that we th우리카지노ink we have got a strong team in place to win this election,” he told Fairfax Radio.

Mr Entsch, who is also the president of the National Party, said the party had spent much of the year campaigning in NSW because the previous government had not introduced the kind of tax reform which he and other Liberals supported. “My hope is that we go into 2016 with the infrastructure we’ve got now.”


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Mr Entsch said the Liberals would take the fight to the federal government next year and then challenge for NSW with a focus on “how best to help the people of this state”. But he had no doubt the Greens would play their part in the NSW elections, as would his “new” party, the Greens! campaign.

“We don’t put a lot of stuff on the wall but we think in terms of what has to happen between now and 2020.”

When he announced the Greens candidacy for the election in September, Mr Entsch outlined an ambitious program for his party and his New Zealand counterpart, Sir John Key, to tackle climate change. His platform included removing the carbon tax at the centre of Mr Key’s renegotiation, replacing it with a more “responsible” renewable energy target in line with its impact on emissions of carbon pollution.

In September, the Greens won the confidence of the party whip in Parliament after an intervention by Greens leader Richard Di Natale on the issue of the National Party’s role in the policy-making process.

The Greens leader and Greens deputy co-leader, Da카지노 사이트vid Shoebridge, said on Monday the National Party had been slow to change its position on carbon emissions and ha