Group says more diversity needed for karumba: ‘Many are confused’

Group says more diversity needed for karumba: ‘Many are confused’

(Reuters) – Many of the biggest businesses in India are based in the United States, according to the largest online marketplace for India’s microbusiness startups, says the country’s largest micro-entrepreneurs’ collective.

The Association for Global India’s report (in English and in Hindi) says many companies are still based in t바카라사이트he United States, but “a significant number of them (in India) have moved across borders and relocated to the West to escape the US”

“We believe t바카라사이트here is a need to further diversify the talent pipeline from our traditional US and Asian clients into other areas,” the report said, according to its website.

The report also said Indians needed more women in tech, and more diversity 카지노 사이트in management.

A recent report found India had the fastest-growing female workforce globally and that its tech industry has benefited greatly from the arrival of young women and from an increase in female scientists.

India is already an international leader in Internet, commerce and payments with an estimated $27.8 billion of annual revenues, according to the U.S. State Department.