Axa shares surge on buyout news

Axa shares surge on buyout news

10:50 AM ET Wed, 19 Feb 2017

The shares rose more than 30 percent after President Trump announced that he would not allow the government to renegotiate the trade agreement called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Axa shares plunged by more than 20 percent after Trump’s announcement and fell to $15.23 in late afternoon trade.

The companies, which already provide nearly 30 percent of Medicare drug expenses, are also facing rising health care expenses as many patients are switching to cheaper options like Medicare Advantage plans.

Coca-Cola is investing $100 million in its China operations.

10:40 AM ET Wed, 19 Feb 2017

Coca-Cola shares were down about 18 percent at $39.20 after Trump더킹카지노‘s election.

Ten of the 12 most active companies in the Nasdaq 100 index are privately owned or controlled by foreign companies, while three firms, including Monsanto Co., Pfizer Inc. and DuPont Co., are owned by U.S. companies.

The next best spot is at $33.68 at Monsanto, but it is down about 38 percent from Monday’s close. The 더킹카지노Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained a hefty 8.03 percent this month.

10:34 AM ET Wed, 19 Feb 2017

Boeing on Tuesday closed a new private-finance deal with a Chinese company as it continues its expansion around the world and seeks to capture the rapidly growing market. The deal allows the private-finance powerhouse to raise about $40 billion in capital and w바카라ork with Chinese partners.

The company plans to set up an initial public offering by the end of 2017.

9:59 AM ET Wed, 19 Feb 2017

After posting an initial loss of 17 cents per share to close Tuesday morning, Boeing lowered its estimate of adjusted profit to $11.20 per share from its original $13 per share forecast.

The company has been expanding the range of its new aircraft since the end of 2015, and Boeing had been expected to post a profit of $2.37 per share to close Tuesday. The report lowered the estimate from $3.12 to $3.07 per share.

9:56 AM ET Wed, 19 Feb 2017

VimpelCom Holding AG’s board members are looking closely at whether to offer shares in a merger with VimpelCom SA to boost its market share, the German telecommunications company said in an annual report Thursday.