Wa doubles fines for selling smokes to kids, after police raided the property

Wa doubles fines for selling smokes to kids, after police raided the property

Police in Los Angeles say they’re cracking down on drug selling websites that are used to bring drugs to children.

Officers arrested the owner of a website called the California Dope Exchange and charged him with four felonies for selling drugs, including:

Possession of a controlled substance.

Possession of less than 50 grams.

Po우리카지노ssession of a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of any school or library.

Possession of controlled substances within 1,000 feet of any home or residential complex.

According to a police statement released Tuesday night:

On August 4, 2017, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Detective Special Agent in Charge, Detectives, and two other agents from the Los Angeles DEA Office, seized property used to facilitate distribution of controlled substances in Los Angeles County. From the property seized, eight online sales sites were identified which include (1) an address listed as “Witch Hole Ranch,” and (2) a residential address listed as “Witch 우리카지노Hole Ranch.” Agents began reviewing the site. They were able to purchase from the site (1) a quantity of marijuana (28.5 ounces, $0.25 per ounce) as well as marijuana brownies (8 ounces, $4.98 per ounce) and various concentrates, seeds, smoke strips and other edible products. They also discovered that in June, 2013, a vendor called “Dope Exchange” sold 5,000 cigars in Los Angeles, totaling 3,750 cigars (including 1,500 pounds, $15 per pound). The vendors were located from Long Beach to Los Angeles and from San Diego to Sacramento. As a result of the investigation, the website was shut down and arrested by the Santa Ana Police Department (SWPD) on August 7, 2017. (3) A website called “Witch Hole Ranch” was registered at the address listed as “Witch Hole Ranch.” The website was sold to a customer in October 2014 in Long Beach, selling approximately 400 boxes and shipping from Sacramento to Long Beach. The customer received a receipt for the payment via the website on January 9, 2015, which has since disappeared. Upon review of the record of the “Witch Hole Ranch” customer, agents discovered that she had purchased the website in June 2015 and listed her address as “Witch Hole Ranch.” Agents also learned that the customer purchased at least 25 boxes and shipped from Sacramento to Long Beach on multi바카라사이트ple occasions. Agents arrested the customer and seized a total of 1