More than 100 people missing in washington state landslide

More than 100 people missing in washington state landslide

DALLAS – The body of a 2-year-old girl who disappeared last week in southwest Washington has been found.

According to the Washington State Patrol, the girl was found Thursday afternoon on the side of the road just east of Washington State Avenue on U.S. Highway 59. The family is in the process of searching the area where she was found, said Trooper Tim Molloy.

It is not clear why the family would decide to abandon her.

WSU spokesman Doug Heenan said the family’s car is still being looked at in hopes of finding the child, but nothing has been found at the scene.

The family had been missing since last Wednesday and had been due to attend a wedding that night.

“They’re a hardworking family and want to be on top of everything,” Molloy said. “It’s very hard for us at the moment, just a small car full of our family that’s trying to get up for the day, where they’re going to take off.”

Heller said the body is not expected to be identified until the family has called police 공주안마and had an interview with investigators, but that he has not heard the exact details.

It’s not clear if the body was found near the river where the family’s vehicle was fou카지노nd.

In S로투스 홀짝eptember, a boy named Aaron Smith was reported missing from the same area. His body was found Wednesday afternoon there by members of the Tri-Cities Search and Rescue Team who were dispatched there after the family called 911 saying they had a missing child.

Police did not say Monday whether a search was ongoing in that area.

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