Dalai lama should cherish upcoming talks china peace, even if not as serious, and also hold his tongue,” he added

Dalai lama should cherish upcoming talks china peace, even if not as serious, and also hold his tongue,” he added.

The Dalai lama said the party’s policy was based on “pure nationalism” and the Dalai lama did not know how to discuss the issue with the Congress leaders.

“We are not trying to start a new war. We are only trying to address our problem,” the Dalai lama said at the party’s joint press conference on the issue at the residence in Vaisalpur yesterday.

Asked about his decision to meet senior leader Digvijay Singh in the las아산안마t two days, the Dalai lama said that he will meet Singh later on and decide the issue. He called for a dialogue with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Meanwhile, the Dalai lama also said his party will meet Arvind Kejriwal tomorrow.

The LAL-Dalai lama will address an assembly meeting on May 29 at the constituency in Vaisalpur, the home of the BJP’s local body office, at 10 am, the party’s join에그 벳t secretary Naseeruddin Qureshi has said.

The Dalai lama said he will bring to the assembly his view on two issues – the situation in Assam and Assam politics as it is related to Assam and his policy of Dalai lama on this issue.

“I am going to meet Arvind Kejriwal in Assam tomorrow and the Assam chief minister himself will bring to the meeting his view of our Dalai lama’s position on some issues. I have asked the party chief for this information,” he said.

Qureshi said there has been a “very, very good” collaboration between the Dalai lama and the Congress Party in Assam over the last two years.

“There is no political issue that would be of concern for the Dalai lama as he views all other matters in this regard. He is an honest and decent man,” he said.

The Dalai lama said he received his party’s membership card from Digvijay in Kolkata last week.

Earlier the Dalai lama said that his party’s campaign in Maharashtra was expected to attract 2 to 3 million vote로투스 홀짝s.

Chairman john naffine tells 891 abc he is in contact with police investigating report of sexual abuse against child

Chairman john naffine tells 891 abc he is in contact with police investigating report of sexual abuse against child. 891 abc’s Peter Allen has the latest from Naija.com.

(8:15 a.m. ET) — Police say child sex abuse is continuing in the Dallas suburb where the alleged victim worked, CBS’ Bob Orr reports.

The chief of detectives for the Dallas Police Department tells NBC4 that four people have been arrested and several women are now under police protection.

All four have been charged with sexual assault on a minor, Orr reports. Dallas Police Chief David Brown says he has made no announcement about the arrest. Brown says authorities have received dozens of tips. “I think we are getting the hang of this one,” Brown said.

CBS News correspondent Peter Allen reports police are trying to determine whether it’s the same two accused in the allegations of sexual misconduct against three men. He says there’s also talk of whether a fourth is involved.

More to come, as this story develops.

In a statement, Chief Brown says he is looking for answers to “why children are being mistreated and how thi바카라사이트s has happened.”

“The Dallas Police Department and the District Attorney’s office have the full investigative resources necessary to determine whether this assault and the other reports of abuse are connected,” Brown said. “I encourage all of the individuals arrested to come to the police station and provide themselves to officers. The arrest of these men is an important step in our investigation and also an important step in the investigation of other potential perpetrators.”

A spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s Office told Orr that the investigation is ongoing. The office sent a statement early Tuesday saying that they are investigating all allegations as they arise.

The Dallas Police Chieapronxf says he has asked for help from federal authorities in the investigation of the alleged abuse. He says the allegations are “extremely serious and disturbing.”

Orr reports that a second woman was arrested on Tuesday afternoon on felony counts of indecent exposure and prostitution. S우리카지노he was treated as a witness and released without any comment.

Dallas Police tell NBC4 that the woman, who is 15 years old, told a detective she knew one of the victims. The Dallas Police are now questioning her and will ask her to participate in an interview on Tuesday.

Police say they are also interviewing other women and have made “a broad review of all the allegations involving the women involved, to determine if anyone else was victimized in this type of sexual behavior.” The DPD has mad