Council backs lighthouse platform efforts

Council backs lighthouse platform efforts

The State Library Board of Trustees endorsed the lighthouse platform plans after a public meeting. The platforms sit atop a parking garage. The first is about a half mile east and the second is about a mile north of the station.

“I think they’re very well thought out. I think this is a great way to encourage people that are interested in the library to come back,” said James T. Smith, a city councilman. “I hope they get built.”

The library board will vote on the platforms Thursday. If approved by the state budget, they will be built within three years.

The first platform, expected to cost $50,000, includes a tower with a 50,000-foot observation tower, a 360-degree platform with a circular, curved platform and a 30-foot-tall, 1,100-pound laser array. The second platform will cost $37,000.

After the second platform, the library board is expected to vote on the first platform바카라 for a new three-floor and six-level tower in the future. Th더킹카지노e first project is at the center of a redevelopment project that is also under way.

“I don’t think it will be difficult at all,” said Councilman Joseph C. Ravet of West Hartford, who is chairman of the library board’s board.

Some board members believe they should start with one of the platforms, said committee chairman Paul J. Zangren, of West Windsor. “It’s a smart move.”

Lighthouse supporters are disappointed by the lack of funding for the library board’s first project.

“I think it’s fair that the library board shouldn’t have to raise this money from the general fund,” said David J. Egan, of Westport.

The first library board board project will be approved by the legislature as the State Library Building (SB) program, a three-year program to rebuild, renovate and revitalize facilities, and improve accessibility. The library board currently has $10 million available to it for SB-related repairs, according to records.

Bapronxut as a result of state budget cuts proposed by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and state transportation leaders, the library board’s library space is on the chopping block, with its funding for the fiscal year ending May 31 dropping to $10 million.

The library board already has cut its budget for the fiscal year starting in 2015, but only by $12 million from the current amount