Labor offers single debate, so you can talk about anything

Labor offers single debate, so you can talk about anything!” “That’s what I want to be able to say! You should hear that더킹카지노! It’s beautiful!” [Laughs]

[Laughs] “Yes, there is that. The only thing that needs fixing is the English!”

[Laughs] “I don’t want to hear you say this. The only thing the British want to talk about is English!”


[Laughs] “You should try and make it more English!” [Laughs] “Is that it? Is that what you think, then?”

[Laughs] “If it isn’t, then fine!”

[Laughs] “So what would you like to say to a woman who wants to know whether we will ever make another Doctor Who?” [Laughs] “I don’t want to go into further details. Do you, for instance, feel that I am a bit too interested in the characters or am I just too boring? I’m not sure, you know. [Laughs] It depends on the person.”

[La우리카지노ughs] “That would be my own personal opinion though. Do you feel the Doctor has become more interested in adventure than his predecessors? Is that something you think would be more fascinating?”


“I think I am not interested! I like the Doctor. He’s a character. He’s wonderful and I enjoy the Doctor. He should just stay in the TARDIS.”

[Laughs] “Are you a woman who likes Sherlock Holmes?”

[Laughs] “I like the idea of a world of weird, weird things, and we could have a lot of adventure바카라사이트s with him. I think in another 10 years he might get to have a girlfriend, then.”

[Laughs] “I would be a fan!”

[Laughs] “That’s all I have to say!”

[Laughs] “You should probably get to sleep if you are going to talk like that to my child.”

[Laughs] “I will be a good child. I will wake up to him asking ‘Have you seen The Doctor Who Christmas Special?’ I will answer ‘Yes’ because it’s a great show, a great character. [Laughs] But, as I said, if there were a Christmas special, I will be a great Christmas child.”


[Laughs] “You should listen to him, you know. I will listen to you when I’m older, just listening. This is my ag