Sanderson ignoring crows’ hoodoo is interesting, I’m glad to see him playing the piano

Sanderson ignoring crows’ hoodoo is interesapronxting, I’m glad to see him playing the piano. And, I’m also pleased to see that he’s not the only musician who has noticed the weird way crows respond. The article quotes another bird biologist who says that crows are probably attracted to certain musical notes, and then the same biologist adds that he suspects that their responses reflect the way the birds’ brains work. (It also sounds like they may be just as curious about other birds singing as they are about any other human sounds.) A scientist at the University of British Columbia is investigating the same issue, suggesting that crows have an internal “phonic music” that is very similar to human music. He says that when birds sing in a specific way, the way their brain works seems to take on the shape of that music.

So, if they like to listen, where should they tune up? Not in the music you hear, it seems:

The researchers suggest that crows and humans may not be different species at all, and that they respond to different music that is tuned to human-like notes.


Yeah, that sounds like the opposite of what my colleague wrote in a comment on my previous post about her research:

It certainly sounds like a reasonable idea. Crows have different vocal tract anatomy, and humans 우리카지노also do, making some of their musical responses even more complex, so I wouldn’t be surprised if crows could have a good way to respond to people talking i예스카지노n a specific way when birds make singing sounds in a specific way as well.

But again, it seems like it could be worse. In fact, crows may not have to listen very carefully if they like, and you could just sing your own songs:

If people are really going to be singing in crows’ song, shouldn’t they be singing to people who’re at least curious enough about the topic?

Now, there’s no reason I could not see crows tuning up. Just sayin’, right?

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Car boot case husband and ex girlfriend held at gunpoint

Car boot case husband and ex girlfriend held at gunpoint

Woman ‘pushed off by boyfriend’s armed partner before being shot and killed’

Two men who were held by a violent husband and ex-girlfriend in Florida were shot and killed by their own boyfriend on Thursday, police said.

Police said their 31-year-old girlfriend, who had fled and had been arrested, killed her boyfriend in an argument.

Both boyfriends were armed with rifles, one had his own weapon drawn and was holding a handgun when officers arrived, police said.

A 29-year-old woman was shot and killed in an alley in Kissimmee바카라 while she and the man argued earlier in the day.

The 30-year-old husband of the dead woman was also charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, police said. He was released on $500,000 bail.

At least one of the two men was shot and killed by another man at a home nearby. The man was not in police custody.

On Wednesday, officers arrested the man who lives in the home. Police found 더킹카지노a rifle바카라 on him after he allegedly pointed it at officers while he was being booked on murder, said Lt. Paul Jansen. The gun was later determined not to have been the rifle used in the shooting, Jansen said.

Police did not say whether or when the boyfriend and ex-girlfriend’s relationship had ended.