England need momentum change says collingwood coach Steve O’Shea

England need momentum change says collingwood coach Steve O’Shea

Collingwood’s Steve O’Shea has warned that he and the club need an unprecedented momentum change to stay on track.

In the wake of Collingwood’s loss to Carlton on Saturday, the Blues manager conceded it was likely there would be more soul searching at Collingwood when it meets the Gold Coast Suns in Brisbane on Saturday.

“It’s a tough week for the Club,” O’Shea told SEN.

“We’re back home for a few days and I’ll be working with our players who haven’t played an AFL game but are certainly struggling and feeling pretty low. It’s a tough day for the players too.”

O’Shea said while the players were happy to stay focused for the first week of pre-season, they had to accept that they needed to work harder if they wanted to continue to turn around.

“I think we’re better than most other clubs, we don’t do a job as well as others,” he said.

“But the most important thing is to try and get back there and perform for the team when we come there. I’d be shocked if we were playing badly or didn’t perform well, but if we could just keep plugging away at it, we’re really lucky to be where we are.”

O’Shea was at West Coast yesterday to meet with coach Greg Eadie and the senior list as he tries to turn around the struggling Saints.

The club needs to work hard, but I think you find that most of the players, they’re at the level of their club, and a lot of them want to play again,” he said.

“When여수출장마사지 they go, we know that that gives us something to build on and I think the list has a lot of ability.

“When the time is right, when the opportunity arises, the players can come back and play some football so that that gives us a lot of flexibility.”

St Kilda’s Daniel Menzel has spoken of wanting to work his way back into Collingwood’s se제주출장마사지nior side.

“At times there are times you want to let it go out of your fingers and it gives you that motivation, I think, to go and work hard,” Menzel said.

“Obviously we’re disappointed because we kn퍼스트 카지노ew a lot about how badly we wanted to win, but hopefully we can bounce back and make sure we’re back out there.”

Latest citrus ban to hurt qld nurseries’ growth

Latest citrus ban to hurt qld nurseries’ growth

The National Council of Agricultural Universities is planning a study into whether to prohibit the use of citrus fruits and seeds by Australian producers because of concern they’re contributing to declining fruit yields.

The research into the effects of fruit products on soil organic matter, which is vital to food security, is due for a release in October.

Some analysts hav카지노 사이트e suggested that removing citru더킹카지노s from the agricultural cur카지노 사이트riculum would lead to the cultivation of new and possibly cheaper varieties.

NECA has called for more research to determine if citrus products actually increase yields and cost.