Parramatta beats gold coast 24 18 in robina win over Wests Tigers

Parramatta beats gold coast 24 18 in robina win over Wests Tigers

12.12.2010 is on the scene at Allianz Stadium in Canberra, and is in touch with players. In our latest cover story in the September 2010 issue, we’ll be interviewing Adam Coleman to see if he is i우리카지노nterested in taking on the role of Robbie Farah’s coach. Here is what Coleman had to say: Do you feel you are ready to move on from a career as coach of the Storm’s first grade side? You have played for the club in a number of states and regions.

Adam Coleman: “I feel that it is time I made a decision on my football career. I am currently enjoying the experience of being on the bench as a player for the Storm. It was a really good learning experience which made me appreciate how important coaching is, but I would like to look forward to my next opportunity.” How does playing for NSWRL, and the Storm, have changed you as a person?

AC: “I have worked at the heart of a group of talented players over the last three years. Now, I am at a stage in my career where I am looking forward to a bigger challenge in the next stage of my career.
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“To be able to look to become a senior NRL coach would mean an opportunity that I haven’t had in some time – and my time has come. I feel that playing has given me a platform to reflect on how I got here – and at this time I have nothing better to do than to be a role model바카라 to the boys.” You were in a role as coach of the Storm’s first grade side this past season, and you are currently in the process of looking for a position. Is there anything you are hoping to build from it that might help in your future career?

AC: “The biggest thing is to look ahead to the next phase of my career and not just to a few games played. We have a club that has been a great help to me throughout my career but we are also committed to continue to build in key areas like youth development and young development. We’ll work with our boys from the youth level to help ensure that they feel comfortable in playing at the highest level and that they develop into elite players in the game.”


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