Nt songstress grabs country music gong after country music party

Nt songstress grabs country music gong after country music party
Kanye and Swift are going to be on the country music circuit after all, and this year’s G-20 summit kicked off on Thursday with the news that the pair will appear onstage with Kanye West in a full-on cover version of country star Prince’s 1989 hit “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough.” (If the headline’s not yet familiar enough, here’s a good look at the song: Jay Z covers Prince’s “We Can’t Stop Now.”)

The show was arranged by Vicky Whelan, a country producer who has been on the record producing Beyoncé and Jay Z.

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“Kanye and I are definitely going to put on this show, because we love country music, country rock and country dance music, and it’s great for us,” she says.

According to Whelan, a “Prince’s” cover will feature some country rock on “a more experimental vibe,” like the one the pop superstar rocked off a month before she and Beyoncé performed, adding that Swift “is more contemporary.”

And yes, while Swift’s version will con바카라tain some dance moves, “Prince” is more of a hit pop song; her 2014 performance is ranked as the highest-grossing country artist in Billboard history.

While a performance like this could be a “real big hit” for Swift, Whelan says it’s “never [her] intention [for] [the] Prince song [to] be an anthem.”

Whelan says she’s only worked with the “Big Boi” producer and never imagined that a collaboration like this would develop.

But she’s proud and says she’s grateful to work with the artist, whose music she believes helped spread the world of country.

Whelan is the sister of The Village Voice founder Jeff Zucker, and he says both of them grew up on the music and the culture of country. “I had to be a kid to understand and to appreciate the music and the culture of country,” she says.

She adds that her brother’s passion for country is inspiring her to pursue other projects, like music. “I’m going to keep working on a new project this year,” she predicts. “We’re very excited and looking forward to getting back together.”

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