Water bombers on stand by for bushfire response Read more

Water bombers on stand by for bushfire response Read more

“The fire and smoke have reached parts of neighbouring cities and is threatening to turn what would otherwise be a quiet week into a total bushfire day,” he added.

Meanwhile, the city’s fire brigade received four calls as people arrived in the area. Residents are advised to be wary, and take precautions.

The city’s fire brigade tweeted: “Fire, Smoke and Emergency Response is working overtime. Check in for emergencies & evacuation orders. Get out as soon as possible. Please avoid driving.”

Residents who remain at homes or buildings were advised to s온라인카지노tay away from roads and open windows. It was unclear if the city was hit by natural fires or if a major fire had started at one of its power stations.

The state-run news agency RIA Novosti quoted the governor as saying that two people have died. “The fire caused heavy damage and massive damages to industrial areas in the city of Kirovohrad,” Igor Kiselev told a press conference. He added: “I have already sent teams to the scene.”

The fire was initially declared a “natural disaster” and the governor had also ordered the evacuation of people from buildings.

At least 15,000 people were told to leave the city centre, and a total of 19,000 people were put on “definite evacuation” from nearby towns.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest A woman checks her belongings against her door. Photograph: Dmytro Kuznetsov/REUTERS

In Kirovohrad, a town of almost 1,500 population, the area was under a power cut and it was impossible to contact residents due to high winds, according to a local television station.

The local government website said that the city’s infrastructure is “at risk” and the area was in danger of losing water. The city’s electricity system would not provide service as a result of high winds, it said.

“Due to high winds the water supply of the riverside in the region has been cut. Power lines, water tanks and electrical lines of the town have been lost,” the website said, adding that as a result, the town’s emergency service was unable to send a telephone call for about an hour.

The firefighting team had to resort to bulldozers and excavator천안 출장 안마s to extinguish the fla진주출장샵 진주안마mes in the town and take the area under its jurisdiction. There was no information about whether the fire had started in an industrial park, the town’s emergency service adde

Donald trump jr speaks at republican convention” has become the standard meme on Twitter

Donald trump jr speaks at republican convention” has become the standard meme on Twitter. There was even a joke written about a man calling for Trump to be assassinated for the stunt, which seems rather funny until you consider the fact that it actually is very, very dangerous and should be carried out by anyone who would take that risk.

In the past month, Trump himself has retweeted a meme that linked to a Washington Post article about Trump being a pedophile and the idea that he’s just a misogynistic racist, which is an incredibly ir카지노 사이트responsible and irresponsible notion to have put around someone’s head in that sort of situation. And yet, when I heard that “Trump should assassinate President Obama,” many people on the internet immediately called me a “white male homophobe”.

I h바카라ave no way of knowing what he actually does with a presidential election coming up, but it’s pretty clear that we are in the process of electing one of the most racist and misogynistic people of all time as the 45th president.

I hate to break it to everyone, but he’s a racist, and we’ve got to stand against him – as we should – and stand united against a whole host of other things that are just terrible, from a religious standpoint.

But let’s look at the context, in addition to where it comes from, because you know what? A lot of people would think that, since Trump is so anti-women and anti-LGBT and anti-people who are generally pretty much in line with those political agendas, it’s kind of backwards to even have a discussion about this topic at all. But then again, at this point he might just be trying to say some really scary things, and there’s obviously no other way to respond to it.

And that’s where I see this going. It’s like, there’s no way anyone outside of our immediate world (and especially, as I’ve said in the past, in the very distant future) can get their heads around Trump. He’s a racist. He’s an idiot. All of those things. You can’t actually make a blanket statement about something like that, because in this world we live in, even something as simple as “he바카라‘s an idiot” can be interpreted in many different ways. So, even in a political context, especially in politics, sometimes it’s just easier to focus on one aspect of that person rather than what their attitude is toward women or people of color and other parts of the world which are, by definition, so much bigger problems than thi