Calignee girl designs new 50c coin

Cal예스카지노ignee girl designs new 50c coin


A Perth-based designer has created a new 500-dollar coin that she hopes will attract attention from the public, but she faces criticism from some investors.

Kimberly Brown, 31, has created the 50 cent coin to replace the 50 cent coins of the time she and her brother own them.

The coin, which uses a coin with the words “50 cents and a half” printed in it, is in her family’s history.

On a whim, she had been looking for an easy-to-recognise alternative for collecting 50 cent coins.

A couple years ago, she decided to start making her own coins out of recyclables.

Her first coin is designed to be a souvenir, her second coin is part of a range of 5500 coins from the Gold and Silver Reserve and her final coin – called an 80c coin – has an old banknote embossed on it.

The coin is on view at the Perth Art Museum until Wednesday with a grand opening planned for March 10.

Ms Brown was recently offered a $10,000 ($5,250 in Australian money) prize.

Sapronxhe plans to create about two dozen more of her coins, making this her “most ambitious project yet”.

But some investors fear she is over-promising.

Kara-Beth Green said: “If one gets the chance to do this, then it’s more important.

“Kimberly’s concept is very clever and she got a lot right — she could be really over-promising.

“She’s not the first, nor probably the most creative, but she is certainly among the most brilliant and one of the most accomplished, if not the best, coin designer working today.”

The museum was quick to put out a statement, saying the designs were not in바카라tended as a commercial product but as “for fun and education” with the hopes the funds would help educate people about Australian coins.

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