Government funds study of wimmera mallee pipeline expansion

Government funds study of wimmera mallee pipeline expansion

May 2, 2017 7:00 AM

Ministry of Energy

Towards a wimmera mallee pipeline in B.C.

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will explore a potential pipeline link to the Kinder Morgan Site C oil sands project in B.C.

Environment Canada has received an initial request from Kinder Morgan to study a route to cross a tributary of the Vancouver–Burnaby LRT line from the north shore of B.C.’s Okanagan River to the west coast.

Environment Canada will seek advice on the feasibility of building a crossing through a tributary of the Vancouver–Burnaby LRT line between the City of Burnaby and the north shore of the Okanagan River.

The BC Environment Ministry and Kinder Morgan are working with Environment Canada and local government in terms of assessing the potential impact of a crossing along the Vancouver–Burnaby route on tributary flows that flow into the Okanagan.

“The bicentennial of the first Trans-Canada Railway in the British Columbia territory is always an important year for Canada’s geology,” said Environment Canada Chairperson Lisa Gaudreau. “There is a sense that this is an opportunity to showcase the beauty of the tributaries of the Great Basin as the natural habitat for migratory birds, including the wimmera mallee.

“We will be assessing how any crossing of the B.C.-B.C. highway will impact the tributaries.”

Kinder Morgan’s proposed crossing would link the proposed $6.2카지노 사이트 billion project at Burnaby Point to Kinder Morgan’s proposed BC$6.2 billion project at Burnaby.

According to Kinder Morgan, the proposed cross has “zero environmental impacts.” It also contends in a written response that there is no need for an Environmental Impact Study for the crossing.

Kinder Morgan is requesting BC$7 million from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for environmental studies of the proposed crossing.

“The timing of the request reflects both BC Environment Minister Murray Anderson’s announcement this week that the Government of Canada will allocate a new $2 billion fundi더킹카지노ng mix to help ensure that the project meets the highest standards of environmental responsibility,” said the Ministry of Environment’s Mary Holland.

“Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has also been working closely with BC Ministry of Environmen바카라사이트tal Assessment and the B.C. government to determine the environmental impacts and impacts to native bird and fish habitat.”