Wyong regional funding goes to sydney’s first-ever $1 billion water study, the World Water Forum’s largest water-related project in Sydney

Wyong regional funding goes to sydney’s first-ever $1 billion water study, the World Water Forum’s largest water-related project in Sydney. It will create a regional water authority that will provide local government with expertise and funding to build a comprehensive regional water infrastructure plan.

The Australian Council for Water Research has been at the centre of the “big water crisis” for decades, yet their own research shows that the state of the world’s water resources is largely ignored. The Council’s research – along with the World Water Forum’s, makes the Australian case to international partners: “Climate change is rapidly threatening to overwhelm all water resources around the world and it’s time to step up and do something to help.”

The World Water Forum is funded by a mix of wealthy individuals and global corporations. It is part of the American Enterprise Institute, an organization which claims to be devoted to “free market and market-based solutions.” It has been instrumental in the American and international corporate “war on man”. The US Environmental P더킹카지노rotection Agency’s (EPA) Global Warming Policy Foundation was founded by William Happer, president of American Water Works, an American company which was sued in 2008 by Sierra Club for the environmental destruction and harm it had caused to California’s water resources, and lost.

A key board member of the American Enterprise Institute was David Friedman, president and CEO of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) an organization which claims to be dedicated to “pro-business and socially just tax reform.”

A recent New Zealand Government Science Commission report on climate change revealed:

“… there is ample evidence that the current global warming cyclgospelhitze and its effect on natural ecosystems is unprecedented in the history of the species. The climate models that the IPCC has published, including those developed by IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and the National Academies’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, have been very accurate and provide an even more detailed understanding of how the Earth responds to anthropogenic emissions of heat energy… Most importantly, the IPCC’s ‘Climategate’ email and the thousands of documents from its ‘global’ ‘climate model project’ (GCMW, the research unit) in the ‘Climategate’ affair provide the main evidence to support the conclusion that man-made climate disruption has led to signifi우리카지노cant and growing changes in the earth system.”

The report shows that “the GCMW’s [GCMW’s] projections are ‘close to 100 per cent’ wrong. On average, each individual model projected scenario by scenario results in “dramatic and dramati