Audit reveals open space surplus

Audit reveal바카라사이트s open space surplus

Falling into disrepute due to her previous stance on public lands, former Rep. Michele Bachmann has turned her full time attention to a renewed push to preserve federal lands and waters.

An audit published by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Center for Biological Diversity uncovered several instances where she failed to disclose millions in cash payments she made from oil and gas companies. In one instance, Bachmann’s wife received $10,000 in cash payment for speaking services on oil and gas operations.

On top of the $9.8 million she received in cash and speaking services, Bachmann received another $9 million in undisclosed cash payments while she was a congresswoman.

“In response to the disclosures, there has been an increase in the number of disclosures to Congressional staff and staff at the House Committee on Govern더킹카지노ment Reform and Oversight.” FTC Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen stated in an open letter to Bachmann. “While we appreciate and respect the need for such transparency, this increased transparency does not create the same level of accountability as other members of Congress or the members of their offices and the agencies they oversee. Congress requires the disclosure of confidential information contained in any financial disclosure report for those members, and this has been met in this case with this additional disclosure.”

Bachmann said it was all “out of the ordinary” and “just a matter of time.” She later tweeted:

My office has found only one other member of Congress to file multiple financial disclosure reports, none of them since 2006! #DemScandal — Michele Bachmann (@MicheleBachmann) January 30, 2017

Bachmann later admitted that a cash payment was in우리카지노cluded in another of her financial disclosure reports, but told reporters in a conference call that she meant to say one of her colleagues received a $30,000 bill from one of her constituents.

“The fact that this happened to me was not the point at which I got distracted from my obligation. I did have that issue where I forgot to send the report to Congress. The point was to notify that that was something that should have been reported…. I am taking steps to change the policy.”

Bachmann later issued a formal apology to her staff, asking them to focus on the work that needs to be done.

It remains to be seen whether that is enough to keep a number of GOP members in line. In 2010, Bachmann was named co-chair of the so-called Gran