Govt says no intention to buy coastal land

Govt says no intention to buy coastal land

The government is not looking for any new land in the Outer Hebrides region and is preparing to pay for it when it sells land in other areas such as the South Island.

“The government has no intention to buy any new land in the Outer Hebrides,” minister for communications and information Stephen Joyce said at a media conference yes카지노 사이트terday.

“The Government is currently discussing land deals in other areas to create opportunities across the country. We can’t wait for these announcements to come from governments, who are putting in place policies that promote growth.”

His comments were backed by Mr Joyce’s deputy minister Michael Matheson, who said the government was interested in the Outer Hebrides.

“It’s one of the most densely populated regions in우리카지노 the world. It’s quite a long way from anywhere else,” he said.

New Zealand is set to hold a plebis우리카지노cite on the next Government on October 22, but Minister Matheson said last month that it may take longer than expected for the vote to be decided.

He said the government was not interested in new land acquisitions, but hoped the result would inspire private landholders to invest in and create jobs in the area.

In terms of the Outer Hebrides land sale announcement, Mr Matheson said it was important to remember that a Government could simply buy the land without any commitment.

“As long as the land is there, you have not invested any money in it. As long as you have been around it a while it’s been a good investment and if you wanted to sell it, you did it,” he said.

If that means no more government ownership in the land, he believes it will bring “massive investment”, creating over 500 jobs.

Land speculation

The property values in the New Zealand region are up 40 per cent since 2012, with New Zealand’s highest rise since 1997.

There was a 19.2 per cent increase in the country-wide average price for the 1.5 acre plot, but that price was in 2015, before the land sale.

“If that wasn’t enough incentive, property speculators are out there [selling],” said Mr Joyce.

While the government had planned to set up an “alternative economic strategy”, which was in the original plan to attract more offshore investors to Auckland and Wellington, Mr Joyce said they were not ready to sell yet.

It would help to “provide a strong signal