Cocaine accused told to front court again

Cocaine accused told to front court again

Police allege Diaz bought drugs at 11 p.m. March 19, 2014, along with his three accomplices, but his case remains alive for another day.

A spoke마사지 후기sman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Albuquerque sai온라인바카라d this week Diaz faces a list of charges related to narcotics possession and distribution. They include three counts of possession with int점보카지노ent to distribute, a second-degree misdemeanor.

He is scheduled to be in court again on Friday before Judge J. Gary Smith.

E timor humanitarian emergency feared

E timor humanitarian emergency feared

HALF of the 3,000 victims so far confirmed dead, rescue workers say.

Haitians have said they are willing to accept thousands of victims from the quake, which was so weak it shook their homes and shook the capital of Port-au-Prince on Sunday.

The government has warned that a humanitarian emergency may have been triggered by the quake and that many have been buried under landslides.

Image copyright AFP Image caption Many were buried under rubble

But local people have told the BBC they want the World Food Programme and UNICEF to send food and equipment to help them.

In a statement, the Red Cross and the World Food Programme said they are “deeply concerned about the severe damage and the needs of victims”.

The World Food Programme said that the “huge rescue and reconstruction effort currently underway” was “without a doubt the most important action” in Haiti for the past month.

It said the response “includes a comprehensive search of all sites and remains to protect victims, including the remains of the dead in all affected areas, and a high level of technical support, including onsite monitoring”.

A US defence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP news agency that he was confident that the US military could provide food, medical supplies and other material for at least several weeks, and help the Haiti Red Cross and other relief agencies.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption There were fears for the health of hu더킹카지노ndreds of families

More on the quake in Haiti

At least 11,000 homes and buildings have collapsed and more than 1,500 others damaged in Port-au-Prince, which is about an hour’s flight (10 miles) from the capital.

On Saturday, President-elect Michel Martelly said he would “stand shoulder to shoulder” with the US when he visits the US capital on Monday.

Meanwhile, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has launched a rescue mission to recover some 1,000 people from the rubble and the m바카라사이트udslides.

The ICRC is providing shelter, equipment and relief workers, ICRC spokesman Stephen Mowbray told the BBC.

A US defence official says the response was “without a doubt the most important action” in Haiti for the past month.

He said the US and its partners would help Haiti “if they want, but they need to do it right”.

The US also said on Sunda카지노 사이트y that it was sendin