Trump given popes climate change essay in vatican meeting’

Trump given popes climate change essay in vatican meeting’

(CNN) Pope Francis made sure a reporter didn’t have to dig for him on climate change Thursday in a Vatican meeting with scientists from around the world, according to an anonymous source who told CNN that the pontiff read out a statement from the pope about climate change as it related to the global church.

As they prepared to address the scientists from the Catholic University of America, Francis said he “looked at the situation from the inside, to have a deeper and more authentic experience of the earth and its environment,” according to the source.

As one of many scientists in attendance, the pope delivered a speech before the group, which asked the pope about the threat posed by climate change and how to address it, while discussing “the importance of ecology and creation in our society,” according to the source, who spoke to CNN on condi영천안마tion of anonymity.

The scientists responded immediately.

Ahead of the meeting, one of the scientists 카지노had a moment of silence for the deaths of children by floods and droughts. The scientists said they were honored to see Francis there and had been hoping to ta블랙 잭lk to him about climate change.

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