Veteran tomkins says conditions tough and the work dangerous

Veteran tomkins says conditions tough and the work dangerous

He added: “The fact is with so many new cars and so many new areas, many new vehicles they can no longer keep up with the speed of the road.

“Now we’ve got to keep moving forward, it’s very challenging to get this road clear and I’ve been saying it since I’ve come out of the factory.

“If you do what we’ve done here and work hard I know we’ll get this done in about 10 weeks and it will be perfect.”

He believes there are many lessons learned from the accident but also the decision to move the engine and to build the chassis ar모나코 카지노ound that was key.

Mr Hodge says: “The challenge has been trying to make sure all the s경주안마afety parts of the car, the suspension, the brake system, the cooling, the suspension – the key safety piece on the chassis – are in place. That’s been tough work.

“The key element is making sure all the safety components are in place, then we can then start to push things, because if you can’t push things, you can’t achieve the goals.”

He believes the new engine is the most important piece and adds: “The engine is the critical thing, because normally if the rear wheel is down there will be a loss of stability. The suspension and drive system are the key elements, and we’ve got to bring those together.

“All the other bits are very key, I mean we’ve lost about 300kgs of weight out of the car so it will be much more stable with more downforce.”

But he says the work has been dangerous.

“I think what has really tested us, I really do,” he said. “I mean if something happened at the track and my car came off that line and then hit someone else’s car and they are killed it’s not really a pleasant thing and there are so many things you try and do to be ready if something like that happens, we’ve got to have confidence we can cope in a difficult environment.

“We always had a lot of confidence that we could manage those things but now we have a couple of years’ experience of doing it, then what we’ve learned is that what you can do, you’ve got to do. You can’t just go in without the knowledge, the experience, because it will mean losing lots of grip with the vehicle, lots of speed and quite a lot of power, jusXO 카지노t not in th