Work continues on mine site despite safety concerns

Work continues on mine site despite safety concerns

An early morning explosion at an Arizona mine, also known as the Bodega Bay mine, left a worker dead and sent a cloud of smoldering co감성 마사지al rolling across town.

The blast happened about 10:25 a.m. on Monday near the corner of County Road 24 and Aiken Boulevard in Aiken, about 25 miles southeast of Phoenix. Arizona State Police say the explosion damaged at least a dozen houses.

One man who was working on the site was killed, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. He was identified Monday as Mark Lee Thomas.

Arizona Department of Public Safety: An early morning blast sent smoldering coal rolling across town.

An 18-hour fire department response effort was called off because of safety concerns, says Aiken Fire Department Lt. Andrew Anderson.

Crews from several agencies responded to the scene.

One of the first units to arrive at the blast si울산출장마사지te was a private emergency response team.

“This is an extremely dangerous area for people because of the proximity of the explosion and the proximity to homes and buildings, but that was our responsibility,” says Sgt. Jeff Smith of the Aiken Police Department.

He says the firefighters were working in two areas of the community: a rural area adjacent to the mine and the area outside the mine.

“There were some buildings involved in the explosion where no one had been hurt as the buildings were pretty close together,” Smith says. “But a lot of other houses오바마카지노 and structures had been damaged and it would have been a very serious incident had we had to put out the fire.”

The area remains closed and the site’s workers are out and back at the site. The cause of the blast hasn’t been determined at this time.

A woman living near the site says she found out that someone was buried in the rubble. She says she’s a small business owner and her daughter lives at a nearby home.

“As soon as she heard the word that somebody was buried we were all on edge,” she says. “She says the first thing she thought was ‘Why didn’t I hear any noise or a sound?’

“I mean, she’s a professional and she knew this was going to happen and she says she’s just very worried.”

There’s no word yet on the conditions of those involved, nor how long there might be without a safe work surface on the other side of the mine. The mine operates every two to four year

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Cowboys flex muscles with victory over eels

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LOL, really? Good for me now that the Packers have been completely screwed and no longer even seem to have any hope of making the postseason

Buccaneers fans were the worst of the bunch for showing up for an NFL game on Sunday in London, especially with the Cowboys showing no interest in seeing them either. The Bucs fan here is actually one of my biggest football fans, so let me set the record straight here

The Buccaneers fans are, let’s face it, more annoying.

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The most important thing about these fans, though, is that they are a bunch of idiots that haven’t gotten this far without all t마사지he help that the franchise has to offer, from fans like yourself who are either incredibly naive, or know the sport well and know that it’s only going to get better in the future. You guys are the guys who haven’t gotten any help, just like you haven’t gotten any help, since you were young and got kicked out of high school, or when you were in high school, or when you were older and g강원출장마사지 강원안마ot into college or when you moved your parents t