Bushfire sparks warning to campers, officials say

Bushfire sparks warning to campers, officials say

Wetlands near North Carolina border are among areas on the map for wildfire that have become “significant hot spots” with smoke-filled airspace that could ignite small fires, officials sa넷마블 바카라y. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton, File)

The National Weather Service has issued a warning for West Virginia residents to heed when they plan a trip to the Rocky Mountains.

Flames could burn “from high in the sky as it makes its slow march across the mountainous terrain,” the weather service said.

The warnings are an attempt to 수원 출장 안마help campers prepare for the dangers that could be experienced after a severe weather event moves along.

The region is home to thousands of firebirds and the National Weather Service says the flames could be “hot.”

The fire was reported over the weekend around the small town of Greenbrier on the North Carolina-Wisconsin border. State and local officials say the county burned as large a amount as 600 acres in an hour Saturday.

The fires will remain a concern through the weekend.

The National Weather Service said the heatwave in the Rocky Mountains has turned the air blue due to smoke-fill영양출장샵 영양안마ed smoke pockets forming on top of the mountains.

The air above the smoke could also be a problem for helicopter crews and the National Weather Service wants to warn campers of that danger. The agency issued warnings Monday.

“The smoke is already forming smoke lines that are very dangerous and may ignite small flames along with more important terrain like mountains and other steep slopes, all of which could spark small fires,” the weather service said Monday. “In addition, in some places, fires and smoke pockets may appear larger than usual which will be less dangerous for some campers.”

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