Good season forecast for grain growers, by field:

Good season forecast for grain growers, by field:

The above is the current season forecast from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s grain reporting system.

So, what have we learned? While we don’t know the future yet, we know from the crop growth graph that we have a very favorable outlook for 2013. Our forecast is almost 90% correct.

While 2013 may not be as rosy as 2014, the forecast is good enough to give farmers an average of about $35 per bushel (including ethanol). That is a good bit of extra cash for farmers to spend on equipment, feed, and other farm machinery.

While 2014 is still too early f가평출장샵or many farmers to really take advantage of the new ethanol crop, that doesn’t mean we’ll go without it.

A recent U.S. Department of Agriculture report revealed that we’re going to see some of the more dramatic improvements in corn and soybean crop production in 2014 than was seen last year in 2013.

In fact, when asked the q경주출장안마uestion, “Will the average consumer see an improvement in their milk and cereal incomes after the expiration of the moratorium, betwe해운대출장샵en February and October 2014?”, a large majority of our farmers in 2013 answered yes, citing the need to take the opportunity to add to their stockpile of corn and soybeans, as well as boost the price of their grain to make up for higher commodity prices.