Thousands rally against israeli attacks on Gaza, despite ceasefire

Thousands rally against israeli attacks on Gaza, despite ceasefire

16:54 UTC, 1 October 2014

A few days ago, I wrote about a young man who came across a poster in downtown Tel Aviv that showed what appeared to be a video of a suicide bom속초출장샵ber burning Israelis to death. While this seemed rather extreme for a poster on such a young person’s walls, the poster was also quite provocative – it reminded one of earlier images of Israeli soldiers in Gaza during the Second Intifada.

At the moment, I am in Israel, as a resident of 로투스 홀짝Nablus and have had no contact with anyone in the Gaza Strip, so this seemed like a good opportunity to write a blog piece on what is going on in Gaza right now.

In my article about the poster, I spoke about the fear many parents are feeling as families return to work in the area, but then I got the email from someone here in Tel Aviv who suggested a similar topic could be written about at least one other Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth. On the same day, another poster had been posted on an Israeli website depicting IDF soldiers standing by a burning Israeli famil진주출장안마y in Gaza. In this photo, one can see the house where the family was burned down, with a sign on the door reading, “Thank you for your loyalty to our people, Israel.”

In response to this, we published this statement on our website on 1 October:

“With the tragic, horrific events of the past few days there is a strong sense of unease in communities in Israel who experience the same events every day, and the same feelings of fear and helplessness they feel as residents of the Jewish State, who are forced to watch their homes and families burned to the ground in cold blood.”

The response to this poster has been overwhelming; here are some of the posts written by people here and there who agree with the sentiment of the poster:

@ZionistHate This should really be the subject of the column.

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@Rekai24 this poster should be the subject of all my columns. — The Real Shanti (@TheRealShanti) October 1, 2014

This is such a shame that @Reka