Hospital support workers step up industrial action amid concerns of long delays in recovering bodies

Hospital support workers step up industrial action amid concerns of long delays in recovering bodies

Trial to establish if a fatal beating was racially motivated could take place later this month

A court judge ordered the retrial of a jury in the death of a black man whose body was left in a dumpster on a north London street last month, despite the verdicts of a jury of seven white men being thrown out on grounds of racial prejudice.

The trial, due to start on 9 January, will take place on 12 February to determine whether the death of 24-year-old Mark Clayton was racially motivated and, if so, whether it constituted a crime. The trial is the first to be held in the capital, which is home to the Royal Courts of Justice.

In July 2012, on the orders of a high court, the coroner, Stephen Williams, threw out a jury’s verdict in the death of Clayton that he believed showed racis슬롯 머신m had played a part.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Mark Clayton’s body was found dumped in an industrial waste dumpster near London Bridge in August 2012. The jury had rejected racial prejudice as to the cause of death but threw out a previous verdict. Photograph: Alamy

But the judge decided to hear the case again and found that a retrial was required, saying in his ruling: “It is in the public interest for a subsequent jury to be chosen”.

On 6 February, Judge Williams found that while race had not been proven in the 2012 trial of Clayton, the jury of white men had been told by the defence that Clayton had died from “numerous blows to the head … as if by a hammer”.

The court also found that the prosecution had deliberately tried 더킹 카지노to make it appear as though Clayton had been a target for racist abuse.

The judge rejected suggestions by the Crown that the prosecution’s case could have been made harder for other members of the public who knew Clayton as he lived at the time, and the judge added that the retrial was needed “in order to ensure that the jury are made aware of the circumstances surrounding the death”.

However, the judge found that the jury had made a mistake. “There was an element of black criminality, in any case,” he wrote.

After the trial the coroner found that Clayton had died from being assaulted by a man who “did not look like a criminal” during an argument. Cl대구 출장 안마ayton was arrested on 16 September 2012 and charged with murder.

But he found that the criminal offence of murder had been committed on 22 Novembe